How to use PartSupply? A library of more than 56 million sourceable 3D Components

Have you ever spent hours of time searching for the perfect or standard 3D component but end up with a low quality, poor true dimension product? If so, you’re not alone. Many users struggle with finding & inserting 3D components from various sources. Some resources charge you for the 3D model where other resources are free but may not be trustworthy.  What if I told you there is a better way for you to get millions of high quality 3D components from thousands of qualified suppliers all within your 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

This blog post will demonstrate how to use PartSupply of 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace to take your SOLIDWORKS project to the next level.

What is PartSupply?

PartSupply is the most comprehensive and intelligent catalog of free sourceable 3D components that give you access to more than 56 million CAD files with the capability to set the exact configuration you need from more than 1700+ registered suppliers. If you are looking for fastener, bearing or any mechanical, electrical, electronic parts. PartSupply will be your go-to tool to use on a day to day basis.

Industrial 3D parts available for download in STEP, SOLIDWORKS and CATIA and many other formats.

Steps to use PartSupply of 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace on SOLIDWORKS Connected:


Launch SOLIDWORKS. On the top right side you will find Design Library. Just click on design library then select “3D Components – PartSupply”

2. Search component as per CATEGORIES or CATALOGS

You can search component based on CATEGORIES like mechanical, electrical automotive etc. or CATALOGS of suppliers like 3M, 2J antennas etc.  You can also search the component by its name as well.

3. Search 3D Component by Name

Let’s search for USB Type C Connector and insert it into the assembly to check the interface with the product body.  when searching for “USB”. based on metadata I got 20 Components list, now based on my requirement I will select the component & simply perform the operation like Open, Insert or Replace. So, here I will use “Insert” command to insert the component in assemble. I will perform Open command to open file separately or Replace command to replace the existing file from the assembly.

You can add a 3D component to Bookmark for quick access.  You can also perform a side-by-side comparison of the 3D Component with other 3D Components and Drag and Drop command to simply drag and drop current component configuration into another application.

Again before opening 3D Component you can review it by using 3D Play or Image Viewer.

Search 3D Component by 3D shape

To search file based on 3D shape of the component, just drag and drop the file from your windows explore to Part supply window. Based on the shape, the search will suggest similar products. As shown in below image.

Optimize your search result with 6WTags

Click on 6Wtags to filter your search results for a 3D Component by using the advanced capability of 6Wtags, i.e. what, who, where, how, when & why tags.

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PartSupply of 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace is a game changer for SOLIDWORKS users. It gives you access to more than 56 million source able 3D Components from 1700+ supplier, all within SOLIDWORKS environment. It lets you easily compare, select and insert 3D component into your assembly or replace existing ones with better alternatives. You can search an alternative component by simple drag and drop of your component in the PartSupply window or by component name. By following the steps in the blog post, you can start using PartSupply on SOLIDWORKS connected today and see the difference it makes in the design process and helping to improve productivity and efficiency.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it today!!!

If you found this blog post helpful, kindly share it with your fellow SOLIDWORKS Users. Thanks for reading!

Saurav Lahoti

Saurav is an Industry Process Consultant focused on 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio & has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He loves to create & post informative content related to 3DEXPERIENCE Works Best Practices& Design Challenges on various Dassault Systèmes communities.