Unlocking the Magic of 6WTags Widget: Supercharge Your Dashboard with Valuable Insight

In today’s data-driven world, efficient data search and analysis are crucial for businesses to make informed decisions. The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform offers a powerful tool called 6WTags, which allows users to filter data based on custom criteria. In this blog post, we will explore how to create 6WTags widget and leverage the flexibility of 6WTags for enhanced data analysis.

Understanding with 6WTags

The 6WTags feature within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform enables users to filter data. These 6WTags represent six dimensions of information categorization: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. By tagging data with relevant 6WTags, users can easily organize and retrieve information

The Power of 6WTags Widget

6WTags Widget allow users to refine their data by specifying specific criteria. This capability empowers users to focus on relevant data and extract valuable insights from the vast amounts of information available on a current dashboard tab.


In my role as the Design Manager, I need to efficiently analyze and monitor assigned tasks and their status. To achieve this, I’m creating a dashboard, similar to the one shown in the image that enables task filtering by assignee and priority. Such a dashboard will facilitate seamless task management and provide real-time insights into our projects.

To create a 6WTags Widget with Collaborative tasks, start by first creating a dashboard. To create a dashboard, follow these steps:

Click on the “Add” icon to initiate the process – > Select “Dashboard.” – > Enter the name for your dashboard. – > Click on “Create.”.

Once I have my dashboard, proceed to add a “Collaborative Task” widget:

Click on the “3DEXPERIENCE Compass. – > “Search for the “Collaborative Task” widget.- > Drag and drop it into the dashboard area.

Next, I can configure the 6WTags filter. To filter tasks based on assignee and task priority, follow these steps:

Hold the “Assignee” filter category and drag and drop it into the work area. – > Repeat the same process for the “Priority” filter. – > With these simple steps, I’ll create a 6WTags widget based on assignee & priority.

To adjust the widget’s placement in the work area, follow these steps:

Click on the drop-down arrow in the widget. – > Select “Fit.”

Now, based on the assignee selection, I can view my engineer’s current task status and task priority. For example, if I select “Saurav LAHOTI,” I’ll be able to see their tasks in “To Do,” “In Work,” and “Completed” states with a Priority status.

The beauty of this approach is that it eliminates the need to constantly navigate 6WTags for daily work. It reduces the time spent on 6WTags selection and enhances the overall user experience when using the dashboard as a productivity tool.

Different Ways we can use 6WTags Widget:

  1. 6WTags Widget with Product Explore
    • You can apply a similar concept to filter data about the SOLIDWORKS assembly with regard to vendors, manufacturing process, etc. By using the colorize option, you can view you assembly in a colorized format as shown in below image.


  1. 6Wtag Widget with 3DSearch Widget
    • To gain insights about your engineer’s current work status based on product lifecycle stages (e.g., In Work, Frozen, and Released), you can add a 6WTags widget for maturity status. As a manager, this will provide me a comprehensive overview of each part & its maturity status based on its engineers work.



In summary, the integration of 6WTags Widgets with Collaborative Tasks has significantly improved task management, also 6WTags Widgets with Product Explorer and 3DSearch Widgets enhances data analysis capabilities, which allows users to customize filters based on their specific business needs. We can use this technique at multiple place to refining search criteria for more meaningful insights. This synergy maximizes the potential of 6WTags for precise data filtering, promoting informed decision-making and improving the user experience within the dashboard.

Saurav Lahoti

Saurav is an Industry Process Consultant focused on 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio & has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He loves to create & post informative content related to 3DEXPERIENCE Works Best Practices& Design Challenges on various Dassault Systèmes communities.