3DSearch with 6WTags – How to Create Custom Filters

In today’s data-driven world, efficient data search and analysis are crucial for businesses to make informed decisions. The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform offers a powerful tool called 3DSearch with 6WTags, which allows users to search and filter data based on custom criteria. In this blog post, we will explore how to create custom filters using 3DSearch and leverage the flexibility of 6WTags for enhanced data analysis.

Understanding 3DSearch with 6WTags:

The 3DSearch feature within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform enables users to search and filter data using 6WTags. These 6WTags represent six dimensions of information categorization: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. By tagging data with relevant 6WTags, users can easily organize and retrieve information.

The Power of Custom Filters:

Custom filters allow users to refine their data search by specifying specific criteria based on the 6WTags. This capability empowers users to focus on relevant data and extract valuable insights from the vast amounts of information available


Platform Administrator Access


Let’s consider a scenario where I work at BioDapt Company as a Platform Administrator. My Company Production Head want to analyze the manufacturing process of different parts. To achieve this, I will create a custom “Process” Filter and map it with attributes and SOLIDWORKS properties. To create such a custom filter, I will follow the process outlined below.

Creating Custom Filters:

  1. Creation of RDF File.
  2. Launch “Enterprise Control Center”
  3. Add Attribute with 6W Predicate
  4. Update Configuration Deployment
  5. Attribute Mapping with SOLIDWORKS
  6. Open CAD data in Product Explore


1. Creation of RDF File

Click on the link & go to the 3DEXPERIENCE Login to download the RDF File

Now, you can open the same file in Notepad++ and Replace all word “Finish” with “Process“. As shown in image.

Change “How” tags to “what” tag or other as per your requirement. For now, I will keep “How” tag.

2. Launch “Enterprise Control Center”

Now Launch the Application Called “Enterprise Control center” and Import the RDF file which we recently created. (Need Platform Administration access to perform this step)


3. Add Attribute with 6W Predicate

Let’s create an attribute and Map it with 6W Predicate. To accomplish this, Go to platform management dashboard > Content Tab > Collaborative Spaces Configuration center > Attribute Management > Physical product > Add Attribute. (Follow the standard Attribute Mapping process)

To Add Attribute type name, Title (Make sure there is not SPACE in title) then in 6W Predicate type “Process” & select it.

4. Update Configuration Deployment

Now to deploy the attribute, go to Configuration Deployment option and run the Update Index Model and Reload Cache.

5. Attribute mapping with SOLIDWORKS

Now your Attribute is ready to map with SOLIDWORKS properties. For that, I will go to CAD Collaboration, select the SOLIDWORKS. Here I will click on the “+” and select “Process” Attribute and Apply.

6. Open CAD data in Product Explore

To see Assembly and its manufacturing process in colored view, you have to launch the Product Explore Application.

Open the assembly, Click on 6Wtags and select the custom “Process” Filter from the “How” Tags. Now here you can see all the manufacturing process required to make the product. Now, you have to select the Colorize option to view the assembly in colored view as per different manufacturing process.

Similar to Manufacturing process, we can create custom filter for vendor, Material, Machine type etc.


Custom filters in 3DSearch with 6WTags provide users with a powerful tool for efficient data search and analysis. By leveraging the flexibility of 6WTags and customizing filters based on specific business requirements, users can refine their search criteria and extract meaningful insights. The ability to enhance data analysis and perform visual analysis through interactive exploration of filtered data further amplifies the benefits of using 3DSearch with custom filters in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Unlock the full potential of your data and make more informed decisions with 3DSearch and 6Wtags.

Saurav Lahoti

Saurav is an Industry Process Consultant focused on 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio & has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He loves to create & post informative content related to 3DEXPERIENCE Works Best Practices& Design Challenges on various Dassault Systèmes communities.