SWMC_WP_Blob_2Transparent Data Management Facilitates Innovation in Conceptual Design

Companies rise and fall with their market share, and to increase market share you need high performance, innovative products. So to feed product portfolio, and by extension your business, you … Continued

Stress-strain curve from the SOLIDWORKS Material Web portal.Extensive Materials Library: AKA Golden Nuggets for Product Engineers

When you need to test the performance of your product with virtual simulation, you MUST properly define the product’s physical characteristics so your test results closely mirror the product’s real … Continued

FridgeRecorded Webinar Spotlight: Unleash the Power of SOLIDWORKS Solutions for Fast, Productive Workflows

Product development is about a lot more than simply designing products. It encompasses all the tasks necessary to take a new product idea from fruition to production, which requires tools to … Continued

clearstreamCleaner Water Out of Simulation and Into the World

The earth is covered by nearly 71 percent water. Of that 71 percent, only about 2.5 percent is clean enough to drink. That being said, only 1 percent is actually … Continued