Say Goodbye to File Revision Nightmares

If you have worked as a product designer for any period of time, it’s highly likely you’ve wasted a fair amount of time searching for files, perhaps only to find out a coworker with quite imaginative file-naming conventions has overwritten your work. Who has time for rework in today’s fast-paced work environment? Yep, we know. You are not alone.

In fact, according to a Tech-Clarity report, engineers and designers waste an average of a third of their day doing meaningless, wasteful tasks, like searching for files or dealing with broken assembly structures.

“Duplication is not fun. If you’re stuck recreating or duplicating work, you know it’s not a good word. That’s why having a management system in place is crucial. It should allow you to lock files, revise them, and easily collaborate with others by checking them back in.” Jennifer, SOLIDWORKS User

If you’re tired of wasting time on endless file searches, frustrating email exchanges, and frantic scavenger hunts, and you’re ready to reclaim that precious design time…easy revision control is at your fingertips.

With Cloud Services, now included with SOLIDWORKS Subscription, you can keep your design files organized and your sanity intact. What sets the 3DEXPERIENCE platform apart from other cloud platforms and document management systems is its CAD-aware environment. It maintains a complete history of all changes made to your files, eliminating the worry of accidentally deleting something important or overwriting data. No more lost work!

With Cloud Services, you can easily track changes, access previous versions of your design, and eliminate the risk of duplicated of work. With a single click, you can version your files effortlessly and release them to other designers. Gone are the days of crazy file names like “…v2.sldprt” cluttering your workspace! Renaming parts and updating assemblies is a seamless process. No need to worry about those dreaded broken assembly structures caused by minor changes in file names.

In the world of CAD, everything is interconnected and linked together. When you rename a part within the platform, all related components are automatically tracked. No more relinking newly named parts to assemblies or updating file path links individually. The platform takes care of it all, ensuring seamless continuity in your design process.

Let’s not forget about network drives, which aren’t ideal for CAD design. You’re likely familiar with the scenario: a slight alteration in a file or folder name can wreak havoc on the entire assembly structure. With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, those worries vanish. Its robust system safeguards against such disruptions, providing a stable and reliable environment for your CAD endeavors.


“With 3DEXPERIENCE Works solutions, we prevent data duplication and reuse designs effortlessly using 6W Tags. It’s quick and easy to retrieve existing design data from the cloud and apply it to new designs.” – DugWoo Lee, the Managing Director of Karis Co., Ltd.”

 Collaborating with other designers? Lock your designs to prevent any accidental overwrites and effortlessly manage revisions. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform check-in/check-out system ensures that only one person can work on a file at a time, streamlining revisions and minimizing confusion. You’ll never have to worry about accidentally deleting something important or losing your work again.


“Loss of communication or collaboration between your fellow coworkers. You were you doing work because you can’t find a file on the system, or they named it different than you did.” Anthony, SOLIDWORKS User

In addition, when there are multiple revisions, you can easily compare any document, part, assembly, or drawing, to identify changes from one revision to the next.  It’s just another way to streamline your design process and save time.

Connecting SOLIDWORKS to the cloud makes file revision a breeze, eliminating duplicate files and complex naming headaches. With Cloud Services, you can finally focus on what you do best – designing.


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