A Maker’s Journey: How CAD and 3D Printing Are Revolutionizing Cosplay with @Carlos3D


Cosplay, the art of costume creation, has been revolutionized by the use of CAD and 3D printing. Talented makers like Carlos Reyes, known online as @Carlos3DPrint, are leading the way in this transformative world. Born in Mexico and residing in France, the story behind Carlos’s journey from tinkering with LEGOs and repairing appliances to becoming a renowned cosplay maker is inspiring.

Carlos began his venture into cosplay in 2013 when he crafted a detailed Ironman armor out of cardboard with limited resources. This initial creation paved the way for more ambitious projects, including a machine that separates Skittles candy by color and more intricate cosplay armors.


Making the Leap to 3D Printing

During the pandemic, Carlos revisited his Ironman armor, this time using 3D printing to bring his vision to life. With SOLIDWORKS, he was able to design the mechanics that brought this armor to life, including the missile launcher, helmet opening, and aileron deployment.

Carlos strives to improve his ideas every time he creates a cosplay build, always trying to figure out what he can do better.

Although cosplay can be created with readily accessible materials, such as cardboard and foam, a lot of it is now computer-based, using 3D printers. CAD and 3D printing make it easier and more accessible for makers to design and produce detailed costume elements and props.

Carlos has become an active member of the cosplay community, participating in maker and pop-culture conventions worldwide.

However, he continues to seek out local events where he can share the joy of cosplay, inspire others, and demonstrate that anyone can create fantastic, functional creations using accessible design tools like 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers.


Looking to Grow Your Cosplay Skills?

For those looking to start your own cosplay projects, Carlos’s YouTube channel – @Carlos3DPrint provides a wealth of inspiration. Carlos has recently shared a 21-Day Ironman Armor Challenge, documenting his process of creating a new Ironman armor, including 3D design, 3D printing, and assembling the armor. You can also follow along with his current builds, including two more Ironman armors, a Proton Cannon, a Star Wars Mandalorian costume, and a spaceship built on a hoverboard.

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