SOLIDWORKS Live – What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE Works 2024

In March we aired our What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE Works 2024 episode of SOLIDWORKS Live, an episode that included so many new enhancements and product features included in the latest release.

We showed off the enhancements that make the 3DEXPERIENCE platform the best tool for cross-collaborative product development, including the ideal ways to work together amongst your teams to create the best products in the world.

Our host, Sean O’Neill, outlined the format of the episode, which began with a look at the Top Product Announcements from 3DEXPERIENCE World 2024 and featured an interview with 3DEXPERIENCE Works Industry Process Consultant, Noah Zeiff.

Before getting into the latest features that were debuted at our conference earlier this year, Noah talked about the importance of staying tuned-in to both our YouTube channel as well as to stay up-to-date on ALL the new features included in the latest release of the platform.

Next, Noah and Sean talk through something of a lightning round where Sean challenges Noah to talk about the Top 5 3DEXPERIENCE Works enhancements in 5 minutes.

From 3D Cyber Mechatronics Creator to DraftSight Creator, Noah concisely talks about the features people are most going to gravitate towards.

Next, Sean connects with DS Industry Process Consultant Chris MacBain about the ways Manufacturing is impacted by the latest release of 3DEXPERIENCE Works via stories about the customer rockstars at Bowhead.

Chris talks about the value that Bowhead was able to realize by using the DELMIA Manufacturability Checker on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to save time and money, savings which they could then pass along to their customers. He also discusses the collaboration features that are ever-present throughout the platform, providing seamless ways for their engineers to work with another across all steps of the engineering, manufacturing and assembly process.

Sean brings up Cloud Services and how all of the benefits included therein (ie. leading-edge ways to share, markup, store, revise, manage and control their design files) were massive contributors to Bowhead’s success with the platform.

Chris then talks about four packages available for Manufacturers that use various areas of the 3DEXPERIENCE Works platform, and are tailor-fit to help them succeed, based on the type of manufacturing they perform. Talk to your Value Added Reseller (VAR) to learn more about these packages.

Next up is Steve Fick, Industry Process Consultant and our resident expert about both Cloud Services and Cloud PLM in 3DEXPERIENCE Works. Steve talks about the ways our customers have since leveraged these tools since their release last summer, being sure to talk about the ability for a slow adoption of the tools if that’s the route they would like to take.

Increased collaboration with both those in and out of the office, revision management, file status updates, and the ability to capture design issues and a controlled way to manage them.

As a result of all these features and their accessibility by new SOLIDWORKS customers, ~75% of new SOLIDWORKS customers have activated them and use the features on a regular basis.

Steve then talks about the ways Dassault Systemes is planning to provide the discussed business and product management solutions to its customers in 2024, given the challenges related to things like project planning, bills of material management, change management and ERP integration.

“These tools are designed to bookend the design.” Steve acknowledges that there’s more to our products than just design and engineering tools, and these Cloud Services features are really meant for more of the team that brings products to life over and above CAD. Steve brings up a point that individuals like project managers and sales engineers are often involved in product conceptualization long before designers/engineers even begin their work, and these tools lend themselves to that interaction and planning process.

Sean then shifts gears to talk about Simulation, featuring Industry Process Consultant, Ronit Mukherjii. Ronit talks about the evolution of the Bowhead team’s use of simulations within its design process.

He explains that the goal of our simulation tools isn’t to simply simulate completed designs, but rather get them in the hands of design engineers so they can start testing designs at very early stages, therefore cutting down the number of iterations needed from initial idea to completed product.

Much like Chris MacBain, Ronit then discusses four different packages available to users.

As the episode wraps, Sean urges viewers to check out once again to learn more about the latest in product enhancements and new features.

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