SOLIDWORKS Quick tips – Advanced Component Selection

Everyone knows SOLIDWORKS is very flexible and user friendly to execute the commands to complete any 3D design easily. When it comes to handling Complex assemblies (Increased in number of components) many of us will search for special tools to select components in assemblies. In addition to the default selection method (clicking an entity in the graphics area or Feature Manager Design tree), many other tools are available for selecting components in assemblies.

Let us take a look on Selection tools inside SOLIDWORKS which gives easiest ways to interact with your component selection

Selection tools can be accessed from Standard toolbar area or Right click on the graphics area,


SOLIDWORKS Standard toolbar area


Magnified Selection: Allows you select a small component in a big assembly without changing the view Keyboard shortcut: G.

Select mated to will easily allow you to select the components that mated with the selected component in just a click.

When you want select a component which is not visible or fully enclosed by another component you can just use Select internal components.

Visible components in a particular (Standard or current) view can be accessed directly by using Select by views make sure current view is enabled for non-standard views.


Select components by view


Select by size can easily allow to select the components by setting up the size in percentage make sure the dynamic interaction is enabled for live interaction

Select components by Size


Advanced Component Selection is a criteria or category based selection where the user can select components by certain Categories, Conditions, Values and Logical operators.

Advanced component selection


User also can save the selection by giving the specific name in “Name of search” area and save it for future use and can also be added to the favorites in “Manage Searches” for quick access in a standard tool bar drop-down menu. These custom searches can also be export and import as a .sqy and .xml files.

SOLIDWORKS Custom Search



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