Our previous blog explored a few interesting features of the SOLIDWORKS User Interface. In continuation, we shall move forward for still more tools to experience a rich experience.

With respect to that, the first highlight is creating Folders in the Feature Manager Design Tree [introduced in 2016]. This enhances the user experience to work stress free while designing. Simply create a new folder or drag and drop the additional items that you want to be grouped, thereby reducing the length of the feature manager design tree and then leads to organized design features and components.



Following the previous post, SOLIDWORKS continues to add features at a moving pace. Now addition to the creating Folders in Feature Manager Design Tree, we are able to have COLOR CODED FOLDERS [2018 Whats New]. This enhancement is really helpful for indicating hidden or suppressed items in the folder referencing the Top-Level Assembly. It’s really awesome to have this well-formed structured design interface.Comp 1

Comp 2

A third point, we shall focus on the Assembly Mates workaround. In general, SOLIDWORKS 2017 had a difficulty in mating between the hidden surfaces. From 2018 onward, the challenge was eliminated. SOLIDWORKS sped up the workaround allowing us to hide the surface temporarily by simply using ALT KEY while choosing the hidden surfaces for Mating.

If you wish to mate the burner to the below body surface, instead of rotating the whole model for picking the internal [hidden] surface, simply press ALT key to select the hidden surface and to mate to the body face easily.

Surface 1

Surface 2


The last glimpse is at a tool in SOLIDWORKS Breadcrumbs. Usually, the user opts to have common selection tools at the tip of his/her finger. This Breadcrumb tool helps the user to see what he needs much better.

SOLIDWORKS enables the user to have a clear cut idea about “Context based representation of the Items”. In the Top Level Assembly or Part, the Breadcrumbs helps to access the hierarchical chain selected from the item. It improves the speed of  understanding design intents.




On the whole, SOLIDWORKS User Interface always keeps the user engaged with design focus intuitively. I recommend every user to have experience with the above tools to stay productive. Will catch you in Part 3.

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