Decoding Product Explorer- Retrieving Data from 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Questions that come to mind for many users who’ve recently migrated from Desktop SOLIDWORKS to cloud is how to retrieve data stored on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to their local machines. Do you need to open SOLIDWORKS & typically use Pack & Go to export your files? Well, not really!

With SOLIDWORKS connected, although we have an option ‘Export as Package’ for your top level assembly (includes child parts) after saving it to any collaborative space, it always requires you to launch SOLIDWORKS & retrieve your data.

Of course this may not be something you’ll always wish for?

Product Structure Explorer enables you to save your CAD files from cloud directly into your machines with few easy steps. Product Explorer app comes with the Collaborative Industry Innovator role so you can easily access it with few steps; whether you’re using SOLIDWORKS Cloud-connected roles, Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS or 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS. Let’s have a look-

1. Launch Product Explorer App- As I mentioned before you will find this app in Collaborative Industry Innovator role or you can simply search for the app in your compass & launch it.

Product Structure Explorer always opens with “ENOVIA- 3D Navigate” so you can visualize your top level assemblies & create changes in product structure if required.

My suggestion as a best practice; make sure you’ve saved your files to correct collaborative spaces & I always recommend to bookmark them for easy access.

2. Opening content on cloud– You will be redirected to 3DSearch & 6W Tags will be activated once you click on ‘Open Content’ option.

Filter out the search results using 6WTags in bookmark section & open all the content of the selected file.

3. Exporting files– Once all the files are selected you are good to go & export them.

The Tools tab has an “Export As” option that allows you to create the export file & it works like a charm. So you can choose to mention a title of your choice & include drawings in the file.

Wait a few minutes for the export file to get created & you’ll see a notification saying your export has been generated.

Key benefits- 


  •         Sharing your CAD data with external users & other members not on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is possible
  •         Users can distribute Manufacturing Deliverables to shop floor machinists



4. Download your Files– The notification will redirect you to “CAD Data Processing Monitor” where you can see the history of your exports & download your desired files.

The file will download in .zip format & contain the entire assembly along with its sub-components.
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Nikhil Naikade

Nikhil NAIKADE is an Industry Process Consultant focused on 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio & has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering. He loves to create & post informative content related to 3DPrinting, 3DScanning & Reverse engineering on various Dassault Systemes communities.