How to fix Empty SOLIDWORKS Drawing Views

Are you seeing empty views when opening a SOLIDWORKS Drawing?  Where did the Views and Annotations go? In this tech tip I’ll describe the blank view problem and provide a solution.

SOLIDWORKS Drawing Blank Views
Never fun to see our drawing views displaying like this

Why are my Drawing Views empty?

If the urge to swear out loud is overpowering at this point, then we understand your pain.  What likely happened is that the referenced model(s) have been moved from their previous folder to another one, but the drawing wasn’t informed of this change, and so it opens with blank views because the referenced model is not where the drawing expects it to be.

If the drawing was open while the model was saved to the new location, then there wouldn’t be this issue…the drawing’s references would be updated.  Same as if the model were moved in Windows using right-click > SOLIDWORKS > Move > update where used.

Resolving the empty view Issue

  1. Close the drawing (no need to save)
  2. Select File > Open select the drawing, but do not open yet > References double-click the model  > browse to the model’s new location
    Find new File Location
    Double-click the model to browse to it’s new location

  3. The new folder path appears in green in the dialog box, to confirm the change press OK

The drawing should now open with all views populated, and all annotations present!

Drawing Views now populated!
Drawing Views now populated!

Content contributed by John Lee, CSWE; Javelin Technologies

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