Display Settings

You are able to use the display settings in SOLIDWORKS to provide greater flexibility when applying different appearances, decals and display modes. This allows the user to manipulate the way that the model is referenced in either drawings, or visual renders.

Along with appearances (colours/decals), you also have the ability to change the visibility, display mode and transparency of components within your model. Linking these values within different display states allows you to focus on particular aspects of the model, highlighting important aspects of your design.

How to Create a New Display State:

To create a new display state, navigate to the configuration tab. Towards the bottom of the property manager there will be a section for display states. Right-click and select the option to “Add Display State” – the created display state will automatically become active. You can rename the display state through slow double-clicking, or via F2. Just like changing between configurations, you can change display states by double-clicking the one you wish to activate.

Manipulating a Part’s Display Settings:

Once you have created your display state(s), you can begin to control their settings. If you navigate to the feature manager, at the top of the design tree there is an option to extend the options that are displayed. This can be done by clicking the “>” icon. In a multi-body part, expand the solid bodies folder, then click on the column you want to manipulate from the fly out options and change the value(s). The mouse cursor will then change to display a pointing hand, which indicates the ability to change the field.

Hide/Show Options:

You can easily toggle between the two visibility modes: shown or hidden. If you are unsure which body you are currently editing, you can select the ‘solid body’ from the ‘solid bodies folder’. Doing this will highlight the chosen body in the graphics.

Display Mode Options:

The display mode options allow you to control the line properties that the model is displayed in. This is especially useful for showing different aspects of your design, with the added ability to reference specific display states within your drawings.

The display mode settings are:

  • Wireframe
  • Hidden Lines Visible
  • Hidden Lines Removed
  • Shaded with Edges
  • Shaded

See the below video to identify the differences between the various display modes:

Appearance Options:

You can use the appearance column within the extended options to easily manipulate:

  • The colour appearance applied to the solid body
  • Remove appearances
  • Copy the appearance to other solid bodies

Transparency Options:

Toggle between the two transparency states by clicking within the transparency column.

Referencing Display States within Drawings:

You can specify the display state you want your drawing view to reference through the options within the ‘drawing view property manager’. Within the property manager the various display states created in your model will be listed. Click on the one you want the drawing view to use, and the display state will be shown. Ensure that the separate display state option is set to the default in the model – this is recommended to be the ‘Shaded with Edges option’.

Decals in Display States:

Along with the control of colour appearances, you can also control the display state of decals within your model. This can be done by specifying the display state that you wish to apply the decal to. It is best advised that you create a configuration and display state in which has all of the appearance details applied to it – this would be a default and makes controlling decal properties across your display states easier.

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