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                                                                                   By Richard Williams 12/7/08

        Everyone is very busy for this Season of Giving and Merriment.  To be with family, friends and co-workers, is a gift in itself. Well the Internet also is in a festive, giving, mood in cyberspace.  So am I and instead of re-inventing the wheel here I want to republish some older articles that have never appeared before on this SolidWorks Teachers Web Site.  I have spent some hours going over these two articles that I wrote a few years back to check out the validity of the URL’s and most of them, I am happy to say are still up and running with even later FREE versions.  Originally it took me a lot longer to compose these articles.  But, I am going to attach them once more for public view and it is in my small way a thank you to all the teachers out there all over the world, for all that hard work that you do.  There are lots of FREE things here for you.  I use many of these things myself.   Bye for now and Ho, Ho, Ho.  Richard

Download best_of_the_best_in_free_softwares.htm

Download best_of_the_best_part_two_2a.doc

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