Truth or Fiction

I would like to take a logical guess that everyone out there reading this post would agree that we have all been fooled by emails that we have gotten at times. They were either out right lies, fakes or completely off from being accurate to put it kindly. I also have been fooled like that at times, But I tend to learn fast enough when the aphorism kicks in about “Fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice shame on me.” The internet is filled with these half truths or fakes.

What is even more interesting is the fact that teachers here in America are very good at teaching our youngsters. They have the advantage of knowing how important their work is that puts our youngsters in positions to have good lives and be productive citizens. To just say that their work is important is an understatement. I’ve dedicated my retirement life to helping them succeed in doing this. I try hard to unite industry into the classroom and to let teachers know about things then can use. An awful lot do not hear me when I let them know.

Something that I do not understand is the reluctance of educational professionals to resist change. We all complain about cut backs in education and it hurts us very badly. I am an adjunct teacher at the College of Southen Nevada. Those cut backs have put an end to my advanced classes in SolidWorks, at least until further notice. I don’t teach for the money. I teach for the good of our country because we need a qualified work force. I try very hard to advise the real educators out there about things that can help them even when severe cut backs in educational funding are felt like we have here in Nevada. But when someone tells me about something that is FREE or would cost so very little for a network license that I can use in my courses, well that gets my attention real quick. So why is it that when costs for drafting software from vendors is going out of sight, we see that the FREE DraftSight is not being jumped upon as one might expect? There has been over 2 million downloads so far. This program is fully compatible with DWG File Formats so you do not lose the importability of these file formats no matter what program created them. Furthermore, if a network license is needed; just a small charge can get you that license and you get curriculum and support thrown in with it. A big savings all around and you can continue teaching that course. This could save all of our schools a lot of money Is it time to change from what you have been using to something you could be using? If programs are beomg cut out because of the high priced ones you have been using, then it is time to change to something else and my advise is to check out DraftSight. It is FREE, so why not take a test drive for yourself at: (copy and paste)

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