From SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2020, we can export Visualize project to Extended Reality GLTF and GLB file formats. What are these formats and how can we make use of them?

Graphics Language Transmission Format (GLTF), is a 3D file format using JSON format to store the 3D data, like a 3D JPEG graphic; GLB is the binary representation for GLTF that all assets are in one single file, so GLB is more compact and easier to read. They are often used in XR – both VR and AR, games, interactive web applications such as e-commerce.

Using 3D for e-commerce is a rising trend nowadays and SOLIDWORKS can take this trend with the export of XR. Unlike the traditional way of viewing 2D product image, we have great freedoms to rotate, zoom for better observation of the products. We can also configure the display of models like their colors, components and animations. It would be a great experience for online shopping. Here is one of the great examples using 3D as e-commerce platform – https://sketchfab.com/3d-configurators/

In SOLIDWORKS Visualize, we could simply export our projects to GLTF/GLB with no rendering needed (File/Export/Export Project/Extended Reality) in both Standard and Professional version, but export with animations available in Professional version only.
It exports a package of data of Visualize project including model geometry, positions, appearances, textures and animations, but other like cameras and environments depend on the viewers.
From Visualize 2021, we can even export a Draco Compression format of XR for a smaller file size.

If you do not have Visualize license, you can still have a try on SOLIDWORKS by downloading the XR Exporter add-in. However, Visualize is still preferred because the visualization is much better.

A great advantage that makes XR popular is easy to read. We can view it on both desktop and mobile devices on web browsers, Microsoft Office 365, and other common 3D viewers.
You can also refer to our company website example from Visualize. https://ict.com.hk/Testing/GLB/car.html
Therefore, you can provide a great look of products with interactions on your own websites for communications or even online shops.


Written by Marco Yam, Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Ltd.

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