Whiskey on ice, Please!

Under COVID-19 restriction, going out for a drink with friends seems like a distance picture. As I sat at my desk at work, I notice an empty glass with some intriguing patterns. It got me thinking, how would I model this using SOLIDWORKS? Patterns features? texture mapping? Visualize techniques? Doing this in SOLIDWORKS seems not so easy. Pattern features can be time consuming and heavy on the file size.

With the release of the 3DExperience Platform, we now have access to more tools to handle complex modelling. 3D Pattern Shape Creator role have the ideal tool for this task, it is a totally different way in which we create traditional pattern features.

xGenerative Design app use an intuitive algorithmic design approach which makes complex shapes and patterns so simple. It allows creative designers to explore patterns “inspired by nature”. You create all types of wireframes and surfaces through logic operations which takes design to whole different level. It allows designers and engineers increase creative flexibility and explore more alternatives.

I started off by drawing the basic geometry of the glass in SOLIDWORKS and create an “offset surface” of where the pattern will go. Then import the file into the xGenerative Design app.

From there we could start by dividing the surface to form the pattern using logic algorithm. This approach makes changes very simple and takes away your traditional modelling skills. With just with a few steps, I could completely modify the design and I could save just the pattern design and re-apply to any other geometry I want. Which makes it flexible and very efficient. Algorithmic design entails a parametric modelling philosophy, meaning the design can be manipulated through variable parameters.

Once the pattern design is complete, we could export it back into SOLIDWORKS to combine the design. By this workflow approach we could take complex pattern features and make into a manufacturable product.

With the design completed, we could take the CAD model further. By importing into SW Visualize, where we could create a realistic image based on the material and the accurate environmental lighting which is available in the library. Transforming into a real-like virtual product.

xGenerative Design is a fully cloud based application, which you could operate it anytime, anywhere and on any device. No installation cost means reduce infrastructure expense and hardware prerequisites.

Written by John Lam, Elite Applications Engineer/CSWE 

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