SOLIDWORKS Solution for Complex Structure Design

Structure System Solidworks

The term structural system or structural frame in structural engineering refers to the load-resisting sub-system of a building or object that transfers loads through interconnected elements or members.

In SOLIDWORKS 2020, the structure system feature is an advanced weldment environment that lets us create and modify structural members of different profiles in a single feature. We can create complex structure systems with flexible corner management and trim with ease.

Structure System

The structure system comprises of two structural members

  • Primary structural members
  • Secondary structural members

Primary Structural members

We can add members defined by sketch entities, points, reference planes and surfaces.

Secondary Structural members

In secondary structural members, we have an advanced option of adding members between two primary members.

Corner Management

When you create a structured system for the first time, the Corner Management opens automatically. In the PropertyManager, corners are grouped according to the number of members that meet at a point and also with joint type. Corners are also color-coded to make them easier to identify in the graphics area.

Split Members

You can now easily split primary and secondary members by specifying references or dimensions.

split primary and secondary members


Pattern and Mirror Support

Pattern and Mirror Support You can now a pattern and mirror structure system members using the Linear Pattern, Circular Pattern, or Mirror tools.

In the Pattern PropertyManager, under Bodies, you can specify structure system features or individual members to a pattern. You can also mirror members by specifying structure system features or individual members under Bodies to Mirror in the Mirror PropertyManager.

The secondary members can be added separately between patterned and mirrored members.

You can also create secondary members as part of a new structure system by selecting members from existing structure system features.

structure system features

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