Automate file checking with Design Checker in SOLIDWORKS

Using the Design Checker tool in SOLIDWORKS can save you time and make you more confident with your designs. In this video, Javelin’s Senior Application Specialist; Vicky Guignard, explains how:

What are the benefits of Design Checker?

Many companies who have a drafting department, also have a “checking” department. The people in this department are tasked with checking each design making sure it follows company standards. In this video, Vicky Guignard, demonstrates how the SOLIDWORKS Design Checker automates this process, saving you more time and giving you peace of mind.

Ensure your designs follow company standards such as fonts, decimal spaces, title blocks, annotations, unite settings, etc. Don’t let this tedious and time consuming process be overseen. Using the design checker add-in, the checking process can be automated and pinpoint errors that would be hard to pinpoint without any help. Take advantage of these hidden features and save yourself time and headaches.

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