Secure your Intellectual Design Properties through “Defeature”

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD is not only a design Software, it is also a great communicative tool to get and share designs among suppliers and customers. In tradition, customers utilize design by manually go through in and out and remove the unnecessary data on handling large size assembly files. Ultimately, now suppliers can control parts or features of their design while sharing to customers by using an excellent tool called “Defeature”.

Defeature remove parts or features from part or assembly which are unnecessary. In simple terms, Defeature helps to protect intellectual property from what we make. Let see an example how I defeatured a part model [With Defeature vs Without Defeature]. Here, I used a Bracket model and applied Defeature. My objective was to share only the external faces of this model. So, I removed unnecessary features so that I could share this part design to anyone. In simple terms, I protected intellectual property of my design.

Without Defeature with Defeature
The defeature is not only for Part designs also helpful for handling large assembly files. Since, Large assembly files has more no. of components [internally & externally], the rebuild time and large file size is more. Therefore, to share this kind of files effectively Defeature is a right solution

The following pictures represents step by step procedure to handle Defeature tool.
handle defeature tool

Removing components can be done by two methods. One is based on size and other is selective components. Here, I chose “selective components” option method. I removed only selective components and small components with 5% of assembly size [like nuts, bolts, washers etc].

selective components

After selection of components, I moved to next step to control motions of my assembly. I created a group so that motion is allowed between the groups.

assembly motion control

Instantly move to next step and control the feature or geometry to retain. In our scenario, I don’t want to retain any feature or geometry. Therefore, I left empty and moved to next step. The final step is to remove the features we like. Since, I removed necessary components in my selective components option [Step 1].

feature or geometry

The final output I have shown below. You could see the amazing result. Notice the file size and rebuild time of the Design for “Without Defeature vs with Defeature”.

Without Defeature vs with Defeature

Before Defeature:

File size of the Design was 9.6MB and Rebuild Time was 0.52 Seconds.

Before Defeature

After Defeature:

File size of the Design was 1.3MB and Rebuild Time was 0.105 Seconds.

After Defeature

Hence, use this potential tool which can radically reduce size and rebuild time of the design you make by protecting your intellectual property.

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