Minimize manufacturing tolerances using TolAnalyst

TolAnalyst is an Add-in tool which is provided with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium. This feature allows to identify the effects of tolerances have on parts and assemblies and also it give you the information such as maximum/minimum worst case and RSS results to find out which features and tolerance have the greatest impact on the stack up.

Assembly Model :

The following parts in this assembly are going to be analyzed:

Assembly Model Assembly Model

Here is the step by step procedure to do Tolerance stack-up analysis

STEP 1 : Enable TolAnalyst tool from the Add-in. Then by choosing the DimXpert Manager tab you can easily start a new stack-up study.

DimXpert Manager

STEP 2 : You have to create a measurement by selecting two faces one by one to check for the tolerance stack-up.

STEP 3 : You are now placed into the Assembly Sequence page. You must select the components that will participate in the tolerance study as a sequence. And in the same sequence it will be assembled during manufacturing. Once if you done sequencing SOLIDWORKS starts identifying the stack-up workflow.

Assembly Sequence

STEP 4 : You are now in the Assembly Constraints page. Now that the Assembly Sequence has been defined, the components must be constrained with each other to simulate how they will be each constrained/fastened to each other on the manufacturing floor.

Assembly Constraints

STEP 5 : In the Analysis Summary window, the tolerance stack-up results such as Nominal value, maximum/minimum worst case and RSS values are shown

Analysis Summary TolAnalyst

You can edit tolerances direct from the assembly, or you can open the part model and make edits there. Each time when you make an edit, you can click on the Recalculate button to see instant updated results. So that instead of doing lot of hand calculations you can quickly check different tolerance schemes.

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