What to do with your new Extended Reality (XR) File

Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality – a method to transform your CAD data and bring it to life, virtually – opening the future of design and engineering.

What is the Extended Reality export from SOLIDWORKS CAD? It’s a new export type in SOLIDWORKS CAD 2019 Standard, Professional & Premium, accessed via the ‘File > Save As > Extended Reality’ command, directly from the File Menu. This new file type (.glTF and .glb) incorporates rich features from SOLIDWORKS such as geometry, appearances/textures, animations, exploded views, display states, configurations, metadata and much more. These files can then be consumed directly in a variety of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Web experiences.

For example, this means you can re-play animations you created inside SOLIDWORKS CAD, toggle through pre-defined Display States, or trigger an Exploded Animation…all within in supported AR/VR/Web experiences. It’s seriously the future of design and engineering!

So you’ve got this new Extended Reality (XR) file coming from SOLIDWORKS – what to do with it next? This article will describe all your options to utilize and interact with your CAD file in ways not possible before. These are the three recommended ways:

  1. Use the .glTF files and create your own custom XR experiences in application engines like Unity or Unreal.
  2. Leverage amazing off-the-shelf solutions created by our Approved Technology Providers.
  3. Or use other utilities (such as Microsoft PowerPoint 365) to view your new XR Exporter files directly.


Below are some popular examples of supported applications by our Approved Technology Providers that will be supporting the SOLIDWORKS .glTF and .glb files generated by the XR Exporter. We are actively enabling many other Approved Technology Providers as well, so that all your desired workflows are covered. Check out the information below, watch the videos and buckle your seatbelt as we race towards the future of design & engineering:


META Vision– requires the Meta2 AR headset

  • Product name: Meta Viewer (beta)
  • Expected availability: currently running a private beta program (contact META directly)
  • Product design is a three-dimensional process, so why view your CAD models on a 2D screen? Now you can visualize and interact with 3D CAD models at 1:1 scale in the Meta 2 AR headset.
  • VIDEO LINK – Meta Viewer
  • To learn more, contact Meta VIEWER Beta Program



Speedernet – web-optimized VR training experience on your smartphone

  • Product name: Speedernet Sphere
  • Expected availability: currently available
  • Create 360-VR content without writing a single line of code, useful for viral XR selling experiences, complex machine training, and more – viewed directly from your smartphone.
  • VIDEO LINK – Speedernet Sphere
  • To learn more, contact severine.minassian@speedernet.fr



SimInsights – requires supported AR/VR headsets (Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive)

  • Product name: HyperMock Add-In for SOLIDWORKS
  • Expected availability: August 15th, 2018
  • HyperMock Add-In for SOLIDWORKS converts CAD assets into game objects in the cloud so that you can enrich training, help close sales, energize marketing and accelerate field service while enjoying full analytics and insights. HyperMock enables everyone in your organization to unlock new value from CAD.
  • Expected availability: August 15th, 2018
  • VIDEO LINK – SimInsights HyperMock
  • To learn more, contact rkjha1@siminsights.com



Besides the above Approved Technology Provider experiences, check out some of these other utilities to explore your SOLIDWORKS files in XR. Please note – these viewers listed below will only support geometry, appearances & textures per the glTF 2.0 spec. Approved Technology Provider experiences, like the examples above, support the advanced XR information such as animations, exploded views, display states, configuration and metadata for a richer immersive experience.


More information on the XR Exporter will be available via this new SOLIDWORKS Corporate Blog category. Bookmark this new page and check back often for important updates, product information and other Approved Technology Provider applications!




Brian Hillner

Brian Hillner

Brian Hillner is a Senior Product Portfolio Manager for SOLIDWORKS, responsible for Education and Early Engagement, and specializes in the intersection of business, technology & user experience. He focuses on creating customer-driven software products tailored for schools, educators and students to develop designers, engineers and dreamers of the future. Prior to joining the Education team, he was the Product Manager for SOLIDWORKS Visualize, eDrawings and the Extended Reality (XR) workflows.