How to Convert an Image File to DXF

We here at Alignex receive a lot of questions regarding the functionality of the SOLIDWORKS software. One of the questions we receive often is how to take a standard image file and make it compatible with your Draftsight software. In this video, Alignex engineer Eric Weber walks you through the step by step process of how to convert any image file into a DXF file.


[Begin Video Transcription]

Hello, in this short tutorial video I’m going to show you how to create a DXF file from a picture of a complex logo.

SOLIDWORKS has built in functionality called Auto Trace that can create sketch geometry from a picture. However it is sometimes not adequate for complex logos.

So today I’m going to use a free software called Inkscape to create a picture or file to into a DXF. You can download Inkscape from the web address shown here. 

Once you have downloaded Inkscape, you can simply open up your file. After opening up the file you will be presented with some import options, it is OK to keep the defaults.

Next you are going to select path, then trace Bitmap, and then will be presented with some trace settings. Now often times using the default settings will work just fine. I will go ahead and select my picture and click OK. I also want to point out that I have the Edit Path By Nodes button turned on in order to see my paths.

The next step in the process is to save out our DXF. So I’m just going to File, Save As, and I choose the DXF file type. I’ll keep my default settings and click OK. 

Next, over in Draftsight I will open up my DXF file. Once this is opened you will notice that my logo looks very nice with complex curves that I can now send off to a laser or water jet cutter. 

And there you have it. We have a nice complex logo as a DXF File.

[End Transcription]
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