How to Hide/Show Dimensions in a SOLIDWORKS Drawing

In some cases instead of deleting a dimension, you might decide to hide SOLIDWORKS Drawing Dimensions. Now the question is how to make a hidden dimension visible again? This article demonstrates how to hide and then show dimensions in the drawing environment.

Step 1: Right-click on a dimension in a drawing view and select Hide from the shortcut menu:

Hide SOLIDWORKS Drawing Dimensions

Right-click on a dimension and select Hide.

The image below shows that two dimensions are hidden: “3” and “150”.

SOLIDWORKS Drawing Dimensions are hidden

Dimensions “3” and “150” are hidden.

Step 2: Activate Hide/Show Annotations. This is done through View > Hide/Show > Annotations (see below)

Activate the Hide/Show Annotation

Step 3: When the Hide/Show Annotations is active, the hidden dimensions appear in a gray colour. At this stage, the mouse cursor shape will change to an eye with a cross line on it. Now, clicking on any gray hidden dimension will display them in the drawing.  Also, clicking on a visible dimension will change it’s colour to gray meaning that when the Hide/Show Annotation selection is complete, the gray dimensions will be hidden from view.

By activating Hide/Show Annotation, the hidden dimensions would show in gray color.

Step 4: Deactivate the Hide/Show Annotations – If only dimension “3” is selected, it will show up after deactivating the Hide/Show Annotations and others would still be hidden. In the following image, dimension “3” is selected to show up, while dimension “150” is still hidden.

show dimensions

Dimension “3” has reappeared and dimension “150” is still hidden.

Hide or show Multiple Dimensions at Once

When Hide/Show Annotations is activated, all hidden and shown dimensions would be shown either in gray or black color. Selecting shown dimension would change their color to gray and vice versa. Therefore, if Hide/Show Annotations is activated as shown on Step 2, any numbers of dimensions could be set hidden or show hidden dimensions. The following image demonstrates how more dimensions are set to hidden.

Multiple dimensions could be set hide or show while Hide/Show Annotations is active.

Author: Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE, Javelin Technologies

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