SOLIDWORKS Gear Heart Tutorial – Part 3

Many of us SOLIDWORKS users would be considered “gear heads”, or high-tech enthusiasts, but some of us take our “gear headed-ness” to such a high level that our enthusiasm for all things mechanical just pours from our heart. This tutorial series is for you, the SOLIDWORKS user that says “Nay, I am not just a gear head, I’m a gear heart!” In this four-part series we’ll be building a functional geared heart pendant using mostly essential SOLIDWORKS features, with a few unique part and assembly features sprinkled in.

In part 3 of our 4-part series on building this functional geared heart pendant in SOLIDWORKS. Up to this point we have built the gear functionality into the design and we’ve created a little window into the inner workings of our heart.  In this part of the series we will build some functionality into the back side of the parts to make this a unique reversible design. Along the way we will provide some best practices for pulling back on the history tree to make “last minute edits” to the design and we’ll walk through using the text sketch tool with a downloaded font.

Whether you’re interested in all things mechanical or want to exercise your artistic side, the Gear Heart Tutorial Series will help you better understand and expand your Gearing and Mechanical Mate skills in SOLIDWORKS! Can’t wait for the next video? View all of the tutorials on the playlist here.

Download the full Gear Heart SOLIDWORKS assembly here.

Are you a gear head? Share your creations with us in the comments below! As always, thanks for watching!

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