Creating the Shapetober Skull

This October the education team at SOLIDWORKS launched #Shapetober, a month of creating 3D shapes using any of the SOLIDWORKS brand products. If you use SOLIDWORKS, xDesign, xShape, Apps for Kids or any other tool from SOLIDWORKS, you are welcome to join the fun by posting your #Shapetober creations on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Check out this post to learn more. For #Shapetober I was asked to create a Skull that can be used as inspiration for others to create and post using the hashtag #Shapetober. To create the skull I chose Apps for Kids, mainly due to the fact that I am the Product Manager for it :D. Creating in Shape It (the clay-like modeling app in Apps for Kids) starts with a starting shape, in this case a ball… from there it is a case of pushing, pulling and adding blobs to the faces of the existing shape.

I recorded a short video showing how I created the skull below.

The hardest part is working out how to start… the main tip I would give here is to just dive in, try a ball or cube shape and give it a go! You can always undo or start over, all the time having fun! One of the most awesome things with Apps for Kids is being able to Riff someone else’s project. Riffing is when you copy another project, make edits to it, then repost to the gallery. This gives credit to the original creator, at the same time as showing your creative spark that you can add to another idea! Together we can make REALLY cool creations!

Here, my friend and colleague “the fun maker” Riffed on my Riff of the skull:

And here is another Riff by one of Danielle Boyer’s 4th-grade students who decorated her Robot and added the Shapetober Skull 😀

How cool is that!

Thanks for reading, have fun with #Shapetober and enjoy the fall!


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Justin Burton

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