SOLIDWORKS xDesign Challenge for India – The Future of Urban Mobility India

The wait is over, It’s time to announce the theme of the SOLIDWORKS xDesign India Challenge …

The Future of Urban Mobility India

Now that teams are more familiar with SOLIDWORKS xDesign, it’s time to start your design contest submissions! Our challenge, The Urban Mobility for India, can be the classic car, rickshaw, tuktuk, bus, metro or something out of a science fiction movie! Whatever your team wants to design, as long as it is a form of urban transportation.

Designs will be judged by a panel of SOLIDWORKS executives and will be judged based on creativity, elegance of design, and participation in the 3DEXPERIENCE community. All posts to the 3DEXPERIENCE community must include the team number and the hashtag #ContestEntry. For example, the title of a post could be “Check out this cool design! [Team 000] #ContestEntry.”


Submission Guidelines

Design entries must be submitted by June 16, 2019 and must follow these Submission Guidelines:

  • Your entry must adhere to the theme: The Future of Urban Mobility India.
  • Your contest entry must be created by the members of your team only using SOLIDWORKS xDesign. Designs must be owned by the applicable Team and must be the original work of the team members.
  • To submit your contest entry, your team leader must prepare an email to following the guidelines below.
    1. Email subject line: Your team number
    2. All team members and your Professor should be copied in the email.
    3. Provide an explanation of your design inspiration.
    4. Provide an explanation of your design.
    5. Provide a description of how you used SOLIDWORKS xDesign to create your design.
    6. Provide up to three (3) presentation sheets (JPEG < 1MB each). You must show the FRONT, SIDE, TOP and ISOMETRIC/ PERSPECTIVE views of your model in at least one of the presentation sheets. Be creative in the composition of these presentation sheets. Remember you are being judged on creativity; use your imagination to increase your chances of winning.
    7. OPTIONAL: Create a video or animation of your team’s design. Include it in your email to or you can provide a link to your video or animation. While this content is appreciated, it will not be factored in to the final judging.

Check out SOLIDWORKS xDesign on boarding videos on our YouTube Channel.

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