SOLIDWORKS xDesign Challenge for INDIA

SOLIDWORKS xDesign Challenge for India

Announcing the
SOLIDWORKS xDesign Challenge for INDIA!

This is the first design challenge using SOLIDWORK xDesign for all students across India. Student teams will have the opportunity to design and collaborate to win a Mega Sponsorship Award. The top three winning teams will be awarded Rs. 2 Lac per team and the next two teams will be awarded Rs. 1 Lac per team. In addition, 50 teams will be awarded Rs. 10,000 worth of cash prize.

To enter, all students must register here!

How it works

Each SOLIDWORKS xDesign challenge team is comprised of five or more students (max 10).  Each team works on a design challenge using SOLIDWORKS xDesign.

The theme for the challenge will be revealed on May 7, 2019.  This allows teams sufficient time to get hands-on with the software, from the time they register and the date of the theme reveal. SOLIDWORKS xDesign is a new cloud-based 3D CAD solution that runs in any browser and on any device, with no installs on the machine required. It is easy to use in a collaborative way and is already starting to push the limits of what can be achieved using the 3D tools of the future. Each team will work on ONE 3D design based on the challenge theme. Teams will have 41 days (starting April 29) to work on their designs. The final submission date is June 16, 2019. The winning teams will be announced on July 1, 2019. Teams will be judged on creativity, elegance of design, and participation in the 3DEXPERIENCE Community.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Community is an online community where teams can showcase their story, share their experiences, and interact with other teams, all in a fun, cool way! When posting to the community, be sure to use the following hashtags to tag anything you post: #teamID or #teamname to be considered valid. For example, a title of a post could be written as, “File Import/Export Questions #Team1234” #ContestEntry”. We encourage teams to share their initial designs and post to social media using the tag #xDesignChallenge,INDIA  but it won’t affect scoring. It’s just fun to share!

Increase your chances of winning

Plan well and early! Three team members can work on the actual 3D CAD design while two can work on documenting your team’s journey and fun explorations using the 3DEXPERIENCE community, or whatever set up works best for your team. Documenting the design process is super important for any engineer or designer, and the 3DEXPERIENCE community is a great place for teams to work on their documentation skills with a platform utilized by professionals. It’s also a great place to connect with other teams involved in the challenge! You can make posts, share tips on community outreach, or just say hi and meet some new friends from around the country. Give it your flavor, your signature. This challenge is all about you and what you can do with this amazing software tool.

How to get access to SOLIDWORKS xDesign

Only students currently studying in any of the engineering institutes in India are allowed to sign up and register their teams here. Once a team registers, we will follow-up with an email invitation. The email invitation contains the link to join the platform.

Scan this QR code to be taken to registration.

Then it’s time for xDesigning with your creativity! We will send SOLIDWORKS xDesign invites to student team members on a rolling basis. The period between registration and challenge theme reveal (May 7, 2019) should be utilized by teams to get hands-on experience with xDesign. The sooner your team applies, the better equipped you will be for the final challenge. SOLIDWORKS is here to help throughout this journey.

And here’s a bonus!

Each team member will receive a SOLIDWORKS CSWA & CSWP voucher worth $100!

It’s a big project using new technology, but don’t worry—we’re not going to leave teams in a lurch. Our team will send out tailor-made ‘how-to’ video tutorials that will cover various aspects of the software and help teams transition from getting started with SOLIDWORKS xDesign and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to using both to their fullest capabilities. Teams can also post questions, ideas, and more to the community and work collaboratively to make their designs shine. In addition, we plan to organize live webinars to accelerate the pace of learning and creativity.  Our first live webinar is scheduled for May 2, 2019. Remember to stay tuned for the SOLIDWORKS xDesign Challenge reveal on May 7, 2019. However, register early so your team will have time to learn SOLIDWORKS xDesign, and get prepared before the challenge announcement.




E-mail and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. We can’t wait to see all of the incredible designs. Team leaders, get your team pumped and primed for excellence!

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