Love Robots? SOLIDWORKS might be for you!


Car Chassis AssemblyDesigning competitive robots can be challenging and resource consuming!

Sure, you love doing it, but wouldn’t you rather spend less time and money while doing the same thing on a computer? This way you can optimize it before you even build it!

SOLIDWORKS allows you to do just that and the most important part is that it is easy to use. This could be of great help if you plan to participate in robotics competitions.

If you have never heard of it, here’s a short video to get you started with some fast and fun facts:

We designed a set of tutorials to help you create a robot and improve it in the digital form, before you actually build it in real life.

The videos cover not only instructions on how to create the components and put them together, but also aspects such as how to simulate loads for different materials and how to calculate the amount of wires you will need. It may sound difficult but, when you do it step by step, you will be amazed at how much you can learn without even trying!

If you have never used the software before, check out this video to get familiar with the interface before you model your first component!

You are now ready to create your first 3D part!

Follow our playlist on YouTube and let us know how it is going. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section!

The playlist can be found here


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Ruxandra Duca

Aerospace Engineering ’16

Worcester Polytechnic Institute