Doing things Different by Breaking the Mold

HSMWorks Breaks the Mold.


By Richard Williams aka Corporal Willy  December 2nd 2011


        Really good things don’t happen all that often these days but today the news came out that I want everyone to know about especially those students out there.  Heck this informational news break is so good that all users of SolidWorks should be made aware of it.  How about a FREE CAM Solution for your SolidWorks program?  Does that sound good and in keeping with the seasonal gift giving time of year?


       Well it is true.  The HSMWorks is giving away their 32 bit and 64 bit CAM program that will embed flawlessly into your SolidWorks program.  Talk about gift giving, this has to be the best thing I have heard of in many years.  Having close friends in many different industries associated with various vendors did not give me or allow me any pre-published information about this.  So it was a total surprise to me since I had no advanced notice about this. 
My contacts were sworn to secrecy.  Rather than me telling you all about, it read this newsletter I got this morning from Mr. Charles Davis of the HSMWorks Company.


 1st Picture

Now I hope I haven’t lost you right now as you rush to the download web site and grab this unbelievable gift.   

 This puts a lot more value into your already valuable SolidWorks program.  Happy Holiday Season to All and to All a Happy learning of HSMXpress .  Take care.



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