What Can SolidWorks do for Creativity?

What Can SolidWorks Do for Artists and Visionaries in Schools and Elsewhere?

By Richard Williams, 9/15/08

             The world we live in is getting more dependent upon mechanical aided computer design people and all the related industries that come into play when we send out our creations to manufactures.  Whether what we create goes to a machine shop to be made out of metals or to an injection molding company that will build the parts and assemblies out of plastics, it is a very fast moving field.  We can also send our ideas out to the Rapid Prototyping industry to get a real 3D hard copy print out of our ideas. The competition out there is fierce and without a capable MCAD package like SolidWorks that can conceive ideas, create them digitally and even test them, before expensive prototyping is done, you are challenged at every step along the way.  What we are teaching our young people with SolidWorks is in essence a new language.  “If a picture is truly worth a thousand words,” then a digitally produced design is worth so much more because it can be viewed from every angle and full detail of its creation.  We can even look inside it.  This digital language transcends all other languages because everyone can see and learn about the creation they were sent.  Of course you only need a computer and an internet connection to see somebody’s ideas they shared with you in an eDrawing.  All of this happens at very fast speeds and even a virtual dialogue can commence back and forth in collaborative inputs from anyone, anywhere, at any time, in the world.  Amazing isn’t it.

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