Satisfaction is just a few clicks away.

Satisfaction is a few clicks away.

By Richard Williams   08/30/08

         I guess if anyone had to put a label on me today one of my titles would have to be a professional internet surfer.  Indeed I do spend many hours each day online to discover those great things that I want to make you all aware of.  I’m also kind of picky in what I tell the readers out there because it only takes one or two mistakes and you are out of this game.  Blogging has its own special problems and rewards.  Problems are plentiful because those that do not like you are more responsive in the comments back area than those that might agree with you.  But that is good too because we feed on that feedback and adjust accordingly if we should see something that needs to be addressed.  Not all my articles and blog essays have been well accepted but I also don’t know of anyone else’s that has either.  So I guess I am in the ball park somewhere between good and bad.  J  What I really enjoy most is when I find something that is really exceptional to talk to you about and put my seal of approval upon it.  Well I have some great news for you.  This is a little different type of analysis than what Solidworks was meant to give you.

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