Some Good Tips and WebSites for Teachers

Teacher Resources and SolidWorks; Unbeatable.

                                                                                                                                                                                       By Richard Williams 5/30/08

             There hasn’t always been a platform like this to let others know about some very useful things that could help them in their various educational jobs.  The SolidWorks company gives a few of us the chance to tell you about some nice informational resources that can assist teachers around the world.  In this article I will make the ones I like and have found known to you.  There are many of these web sites that are out there and it is impossible to list or even find them all but I would like to share with you those that I find notable.

             I have noticed a trend in the last few years with web masters or site owners that give away some pretty neat things in order to attract visitors to their sites.  The URL’s or web addresses of these sites can spread more quickly than a brush fire these days and indeed it is a good way to get teachers to come to your site.  I would like to make a declaration here to you right now so that you know that I do not get rewarded financially about telling you about these sites.  The intention of this article is to make you aware of their existence and it is up to you the teacher to make the judgment about traveling to the site, buying anything or downloading any free programs and or information.  I will say to you that I trust these web page sites and believe them to be run properly and worthwhile for you to check out.  Just one more thought here.  Many of the teachers out there most likely know about these sites or have your own but there are new young teachers coming into this profession each year and might not know about them.  Double click on link below to open up the document I have prepared for you.  Have a great day.

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