SolidWorks and Education

          Hello.  I’m introducing myself to the SolidWorks World of users and teachers for the very first time.  My name is Richard Williams and I have been invited by SolidWorks to help give some new and different directions to ideas and possibilities to those that use this world class MCAD application.  After trying most of the MCAD software applications out there I have made my choice to be a solid SolidWorks user.  My background is in electrical construction with most of that life long work done in New York.  There were times that I had to travel away for work outside of my union territory but that only added to my knowledge base of how things are done elsewhere and adopting the best ideas from the best of others.  The same thing applies to my knowledge and appreciation for all the good things rolled up into one terrific MCAD application we fondly call SolidWorks.  Electricians always like to use copper wiring instead of using aluminum wire as a substitute for copper.  Aluminum wire is cheaper and lighter but not as good and any subsitute for copper is just that a substitute and not the real thing.  That is how I feel about SolidWorks.  Why use the substitute?

      In future submittals I will do my best to describe to you how I use SolidWorks to bring new ideas to the schools and technical societies.  I will tell you now that I am not an engineer, architect, scientist or professionally trained person in anything other than the electrical construction industry.  Therefore I do not profess to be anything but a retired electrician with a very strong desire in helping to bring in a new generation of technologists for the future.  There is a very great and interesting future for those that can handle the learning requirements needed to be an astronaut.  There will also be a very strong need for highly skilled workers that will be building those Martian Colonies and providing support services.  I suppose some of you might be laughing at that statement but I have lived long enough to have laughed also about landing a man on the moon’s surface.  My own mother worked on electronic components used inside of the LEM (landing excursion module)that landed on the moon, while working in Grumman Aircraft Corporation on Long Island.  So we need technically trained people in all areas very badly here in the USA.  I cannot train engineers and scientists, that is the job of our skilled teachers out there.  However, what I can do is to help to inspire and to be a resource person for many of our school teachers out there.  Serving now on a curriculum committee for our newest North West Career Technical Academy, here in Las Vegas, gives me a chance to really lend a hand to bring the best of the best to our youngsters.  This is work I enjoy doing and will continue to do on a volunteer basis.  I will keep you posted on my exploits of how I use SolidWorks to bring entertaining ideas and food for thought to the SolidWorks world.  Well here is hoping someone, somewhere at sometime will be able to use and enjoy the things I write about.  Sincerely.   

Corporal Willy

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