Chevy introduces Lee Kim SengNational University of Singapore – Inspirational Visit

National University of Singapore (NUS) is one of the leading engineering institutions in the world. When you walk towards the engineering building you are greeted by its mission, “to nurture engineer-leaders … Continued

REXIS_CDR_1MIT Students Prepare for Flight of OSIRIS-REx NASA Mission

   OSIRIS-REx (Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security Regolith Explorer) is a NASA New Frontier’s mission scheduled for launch in 2016 that will travel to the asteroid Bennu and return a … Continued

SolidWorks Workshop GoEngineer at UC DavisSolidWorks Reseller Supports Certification, UC Davis and STEM Kids

SolidWorks Educator Dave Alpert is one of the most innovative teachers I know.  He is in the classroom to be the education advocate for SolidWorks Value Added Reseller GoEngineer.  Dave … Continued

VIGNESHKUMAR KANNAN SolidWorks SimulationSOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Lead to College Acceptance

When Vigneshkumar Kannan entered the SOLIDWORKS Green Design Contest using SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Sustainability to design a chair, he learned on his own about designing with plastics.  His … Continued