Best selection of sketch projection tools in SOLIDWORKS

There are 3 main tools that can project our 2D sketch onto a face: Project curve, Split line and Wrap. How should we choose and what is the difference between them? Here are some tips for you.

Project curve – For Sketch on faces projection type, it can generate a 3D curve on the projection faces from a 2D sketch. It is the most flexible feature that can work with any sketches and faces, but it cannot split the faces like the other two. It is a great tool for a sweep path.

Split line – For projection type, it can isolate a region from the sketch by dividing the original face. The sketch can be very flexible, it just needs to be able to create or divide the projection face, so it could be an open contour or even a single line only. It is usually used for appearance and decals.





Wrap – Wrap is like the stickers, the only feature that not just projecting the sketch onto the face, but truly surround the face and create geometry. The Analytical method preserves legacy behaviour and wrap completely around a cylinder or cone; The Spline surface allows wrap on any face type.

The below chart is the key features between each tool.

Project curve

Split line


Projection face type



Analytical: cylinder
and cone only

Spline surface: any

Sketch limitation


Able to create a
split face

Close contour within
the projected face

Projected size

Adjust with face

Adjust with face

Fixed with sketch


3D curve

Split faces

Emboss, Deboss or

Main usage

Sweep path,

Apply appearance,

Create geometry, fixed
sketch size, fully around the face

Hope the information could help you understand these sketch projection tools more and select your suitable modelling tools.

Written by Marco Yam, Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Ltd.

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