Eliminating Over Design Cost Using SOLIDWORKS Costing

SOLIDWORKS Costing is ready to use with both customized and standard templates for our company to accompany the more specific manufacturing needs.

SOLIDWORKS Costing Templates

  • Sheet Metal / Weldment Parts
  • Machined Parts
  • Plastic Molded / Cast Parts
  • 3D Printed Parts
  • Main Template For Multibody Parts

SOLIDWORKS Costing Templates


Costing tool accuracy is only based on the data that we have given in the template. For more accurate result need to update your template periodically.


Price variation in share and stock market can be easily adjusted in SOLIDWORKS Costing templates and to create customized results for the specific products and operations to easy management of costs, increase in productivity and also to accelerate your design and development process.

How Costing Seems By Various Of Departments In An Industries


SOLIDWORKS Costing Helpful For all mechanical industries

How SOLIDWORKS Costing is Helpful for a Variant of People

For Management and Executives:
  • Hit cost targets and maintain healthy profit margins.
  • Builds bridges between the department of the Manufacturing and Design team by gathering data shared by Costing to determine the cost.
For Designers, Engineers and Engineering Managers:
  • Eliminating the need for Redesign Cost for future revisions.
  • Design decisions can be set based on the cost of manufacturing design.
  • An instant quotation can be generated for external and internal manufacturing.

For Manufacturers:

  • Quicker than spreadsheets, instead of features counts and other forms of manual quoting.
  • Continuous and accurate process than “rule of thumb” estimates.
  • Using the customized templates we get more accurate data for manufacturing downstream.
  • Calibration of Template data can be to actual costs thereby further improving accuracy.












Costing Can Be Done For The Following Mentioned Verticals


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