SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – January 2020

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Welcome to the new edition of the SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News!  This monthly news blog is co-authored by members of the SOLIDWORKS Technical Support teams worldwide.


3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2020 is right around the corner

By Nicole Phillips

One great event you do not want to miss is 3D EXPERIENCE WORLD!  This year we’re in Nashville from February 9-12, 2020.  There is still time to register and attend this event.  Expand your knowledge with some of our available technical sessions. Join the community of designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world.  Click this link to view the Agenda and events available to you.


How to refresh fields in Word documents when using the Office to PDF task

By Tor Iveroth

You can link a data card variable to a custom property in a Word document. This custom property value can be inserted and displayed as fields within the document.

When you open a Word document that contains custom property fields, those field values will normally show the last saved value. If the data card variable has an updated value, the field in the document may not show this value unless it is refreshed.


To refresh the field values you would have to manually select and refresh the fields (CTRL+A, F9).


Alternatively, you could enable the “Update Linked Fields” option in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Office add-in to automatically refresh the fields when the document is opened.


Or you can use an auto-update refresh macro as outlined in the SOLIDWORKS PDM administration help.


When you convert a Word document to a PDF using the Office to PDF task, fields within the document will not automatically update unless the document contains a refresh macro. The generated PDF may show outdated values.

You can use the following steps to update the task script to automatically update fields before the PDF is generated.

1 Open the “Office to PDF” task in the administration tool.

2. In the “Output to PDF details” page, click “Advanced Scripting Options”.

3. Find the section in the script that opens the Word document
    “Dim doc As Object = wordApp.Documents.Open(docPath)

4. Below this section, add the following text:





5. The task will now refresh the fields automatically when generating the pdf.


Noteworthy Solutions from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base


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