SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – July 2019

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By Nicole Phillips

The SOLIDWORKS 2020 Beta Program has already started. Are you hesitating to participate? Don’t. Beta 2 was just released and it is a great time to jump in.  Here’s everything you can do when you become a tester:

For more information on the Beta Program, please visit the Beta website. For Beta FAQs visit About Beta. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to email us at


SOLIDWORKS 2020 will be the final release of SOLIDWORKS Supported on Windows 7

As Microsoft has announced the end of life plan for Windows 7 Support, SOLIDWORKS 2020 will be the final planned release of SOLIDWORKS which supports Windows 7.  Starting with SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP3, reminder messages will appear within the software so that users have ample notice prior to this change. SOLIDWORKS 2020 will be the final release of SOLIDWORKS supported on Windows 7. SOLIDWORKS 2021 will not run on Windows 7.


Preview timeout setting for SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2

By Nicole Phillips

In SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2, by default, the preview generation timeout setting is set to 30 seconds.  Many times, that is not enough time when working with large files, such as PDF files.  The process needs efficient time to process and deliver that file to the client.    When a file is too large and has timed out, you will see a warning such as:

***Please note that Web2 does not support previewing all file formats, so it is also possible that this warning shows when you are trying to preview an unsupported format.

In some environments, this timeout is too short making it necessary to modify the setting to allow more time.

To change the timeout setting for preview generation, follow these steps:

1. Open the ‘Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager’ tool.
2. Expand ‘Sites’ > expand ‘Default Web Site’ > select the ‘SOLIDWORKSPDM’ application.
3. Double-click ‘Application Settings’.
4. Right-click on the ‘PreviewGenerationTimeOut’ setting > ‘Edit’.
5. Change the setting to a higher value, such as ‘90’ or ‘100’.

You can also get to this setting by editing the “web.config” file directly. By default the web.config file is located in the following directory:


The timeout value appears on the following line of the ‘Web.config’ file:

‘<add key=”PreviewGenerationTimeOut” value=”30″ />’


Noteworthy Solutions from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base


icon - SW Is there a SolidPractice available on the topic of “SOLIDWORKS® Upgrades”?
For more information and to see the SolidPractice document, check out Solution Id: S-076254.

When creating new projects or opening existing projects in SOLIDWORKS® Electrical, why causes the error ‘Cannot connect to database. tew_project_data_-1’?
For more information, see Solution Id: S-076489.

Icon - EPDM When I try to delete a shared file in the SOLIDWORKS® PDM vault, what could cause the operation to fail with ‘Error deleting files. Cause: Could not access the item in the database’?
For more information, see Solution Id: S-076348.

Is there an example that shows how SOLIDWORKS® Simulation static study results differ when I use the ‘Distributed’ connection type option for a Remote Mass instead of the ‘Rigid’ connection type option?
For additional information, check out solution Id: S-076516.

Is there an example that demonstrates use of a thermal joint in SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation?
For more information, see Solution Id: S-076325.

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Nicole Phillips

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