How-To: Place Watermark on Electrical Prints

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Tech Tip

Written by: Cheri Guntzviller-Miesen, Electrical Application Specialist, DASI Solutions

Ever want to put a Watermark on your Electrical prints? How about a rubber stamp for Proprietary, As Built, Final Build to show only when you are ready to release drawings? This can easily be attained inside of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic with just a slight adjustment to the Titleblocks.

To accomplish this, a layer needs to be created for each rubber stamp or watermark that is wanted on the drawing set.

Open the Titleblock for editing. Under the MODIFY command, select LAYERS. Add a Layer for each type of rubber stamp or watermark that is wanted for the drawing set.

Modify Layers in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Titleblock

Once the layers are created, you can then select whether the layer is to be printed.

Select Layers for Printing

Make sure to APPLY the changes before pressing the OK.

Now we need to add some text for each of the rubber stamps or watermarks. Utilize the DRAW tab to select ADD TEXT or MULTILINE TEXT. Once the text is placed, select it. Using the Properties tab on the right-hand side of the screen, change the graphics properties for the text. Change the LAYER to be the selected layer that was created in the layers manager, then change the color of the text if desired.

Add text to Watermark in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Change watermark text and color

CLOSE and SAVE your Titleblock modifications. UPDATE or APPLY your Titleblock to your schematic sheets in your project.

Lastly, proceed back into the MODIFY command selecting LAYERS. Utilize the ACTIVE radial button and the FREEZE commands to turn on and off the layers for the rubber stamps. Make sure that the Active command coincides with the print selection so that when the layer is turned on, the layer would then be printed as well. For the rubber stamp in the below scenario, WATERMARK and FINAL BUILD are selected to be ACTIVE and PRINTABLE, while the other rubber stamps are INACTIVE, FROZEN and NOT PRINTED.

Select active watermark

And there you have it! Any rubber stamps that are wanted to be added to a project can easily be done.

I almost forgot! Want to add a date stamp to those rubber stamps? The same way that you have added the layers for the rubber stamps, either add the attribute to the same layer or add a new layer for the date. Use the #PROJECT_MODIFICATION_DATE attribute for this date.

Enjoy Designing!


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