Welcome to SOLIDWORKS 2018

The release of SOLIDWORKS 2018 last month unveiled a brand new Welcome window that appears once the program is launched. This new window is packed full of useful links and tips. Starting on the Home tab, you can quickly launch a new file or open a recent document. It also has links to some online resources, including the Customer Portal and SOLIDWORKS Forum, as well as a list of tips at the bottom about ways to improve efficiency in SOLIDWORKS.

The new Welcome dialog also contains an extremely handy learning resources tab. The Learn tab contains links to enhance your SOLIDWORKS knowledge, from built in tutorials, to MySolidWorks Training and even a link to the Certification page. This tab has the tools to make anyone a SOLIDWORKS power user.

The last tab in the Welcome dialog is the Alerts tab. This tab provides valuable information on technical alerts about the SOLIDWORKS product suite. These alerts are links to gather more information on topics such as identified bugs or issues, as well as new software release dates and availability.

To open the welcome window after the initial launch, simply click on the new home shaped icon next to the New document icon on the menu bar shortcuts.

The new home screen is a great addition to SOLIDWORKS 2018, welcoming users to the exciting new features within.

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