SOLIDWORKS Inspection Supports More File Formats in the 2018 Release

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 sees a lot of great enhancements and a big part of the new features is being able to support many more file formats!

Let’s first start off with the add-in, the add-in works great when it comes to working with our SOLIDWORKS drawings, it balloons everything quickly and efficiently but what happens if we are working with a 3D part or assembly that have DimXpert annotations attached?

That is no problem for SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 which now can handle ballooning 3D annotations, such as this model for example:

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 Add-in

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Add-in

With the model opened, the process is the same as starting a project for a SOLIDWORKS drawing and we go through and choose which dimensions we want to pull and SOLIDWORKS Inspection automatically pulls the characteristics and the balloons from the drawing.

This process is intuitive and easy to follow through when creating inspection documents. In 2018 the gap between SOLIDWORKS MBD and SOLIDWORKS Inspection disappears and streamlines the quality process!

Author: Sam Sharkawi (Applications Expert) Javelin Technologies

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