SOLIDWORKS Electrical – The Fruit Pastille Cable Clip

Having been using SOLIDWORKS Electrical and Routing for some time, I have finally decided to rectify the major omission of the lack of a fruit pastille cable clip. So how did I go about adding this important component?
First I needed a model, after extensive web searches and going through the SOLIDWORKS part libraries and not being able to find one I had to knuckle down and model it.


So how do I convert this to a cable clip? It’s really quite simple; define two route points, an axis between them and, if you are feeling keen, you can set up mate references so it can be simply used.


Once we have the sketch, we can then go to Tools>Routing>Routing Tools>Create Route Point and choose the two points you have just created.


Once you have created the Routing points, select the line and create an axis. If you wanted to route more cables through here, you would need to add further routing points and axis.
Finally, again go to Features>Reference Geometry>mate reference and select the bottom face for smart mates.


Last but not least, save your new cable clip to the electrical routing design library.


The fruit pastille clip in action – cheaper than a normal clip, no holes required, and a sugar buzz whilst sucking it to activate the special adhesive!

By Simon Knibbs, SOLIDWORKS Electrical and PCB Specialist.

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