SOLIDWORKS Drift Trike – Fork Design

Fork Design

The second installment of our series on how to design and build your own Drift Trike, we focus on the Forks. The forks of the trike are used for both supporting the main wheel and being the link to steering the wheel. Stuart takes a simple technical document found freely on the internet to base his design. This tutorial will guide you through taking a 2D sketch and creating the 3D CAD model inside SOLIDWORKS. The complete process from sketch to finished forks will be shown including many hints and tips which will be applicable to all SOLIDWORKS users.

Previous Parts:

The CAD modelling topics covered here will be:

  • Layout Sketches
  • Lofts
  • Sweeps
  • Complex Features


See Cadtek’s original article here. Look out for the third part in this series in the coming weeks covering the design of the Saddle. This will go into Drafting, Splines, Plastic Moulding, Half – Mirrored Modelling and a modelling method known as the “Double Shell” technique. All design skills that every SOLIDWORKS user can benefit from. For more hints, tips and content head over to our Twitter page or our YouTube channel.

Cadtek Designer Profile – Stuart Wortley

Cadtek Application Engineer

Stuart has been with Cadtek Systems for 18 years and is key part of our application team. His passion for the outdoors, his VW Camper-van and SolidWorks is clear. It has seen him produce some great, easy to follow SOLIDWORKS tutorials around Paddle Boarding, Cabinet Design and now Drift Trikes! This year saw Stuart achieve the accolade of Elite Application Engineer at SOLIDWORKS World 2017 in LA, the highest level achievable.

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Cadtek Systems UK - Elite SOLIDWORKS Training & Support
Cadtek Systems UK - Elite SOLIDWORKS Training & Support
Cadtek Systems UK - Elite SOLIDWORKS Training & Support

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