SOLIDWORKS Part Reviewer: Light Switch Tutorial

Light Switch: Here is a part that everyone is familiar with. It is a Multi-body Part that has a some sheet metal features and two surface sweeps in it. It is mainly created with extruded features but does have some revolves sprinkled in. Other features in the light switch part include: a lofted cut, combines, solid and surface sweeps, edge flanges, axis, move/copy body, and two circular patterns. There is a unique example of a helical sweep for the internal spring that does not use a standard helical curve to create it. An “intersection curve” is used to create a 3D sketch for the sweep path similar to how a projected curve works.

Download this file to learn more about internal components of a light switch and creating helical geometry with surfaces.

Download: Light Switch
Complexity: Moderate
Features: Extrudes, Revolve, Sheet Metal Features, Lofted Cut, Combine, Solid and Surface Sweeps

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DraftSight Download: In conjunction with DraftSight, Dassault Systèmes’ 2D CAD product, the 2D drawing(.dwg) file of the Light Switch tutorial is now available for download here.

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