SolidWorks Part Reviewer: Lockjaw Pliers

lock_jaw_pliers_assembly_imageLockjaw Pliers Assembly: This assembly showcases models using several techniques for modeling formed sheet metal parts in SolidWorks. Other techniques shown in the models are using the curve driven pattern, using configurations to help manage similar parts, and the differences in modeling between forged and machined parts.

Jaw- This part has multiple configurations to manage the top and bottom of the jaws and their forged and machined representations. This is done to ensure the top and bottom jaws are identical. Using the curve driven pattern is also shown.

Lower Handle- This part shows how to use surfacing techniques to form the outside surfaces of a formed metal part then using the thicken tool to model the final formed sheet metal part.

Upper Handle- This part shows a hybrid solid/ surface approach to modeling formed sheet metal parts. The flex and indent tool are also used to model forming and bending operations.

Release Toggle- This part shows ways of resolving undesirable geometry caused by the thicken tool when modeling formed sheet metal parts.

Download: Complex- Lockjaw Pliers Assembly
Complexity: Complex
Features used: Indent, Split Part, Flex, Defining a new coordinate system, Hybrid surface and solid modeling, Loft, Boundary

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