SolidWorks Part Reviewer: Intersect Slice

slice2013 Feature, Intersect Slice: This new SolidWorks 2013 “Intersect” Command can cut a Solid Body into several different pieces using Planes to cut the bodies similar to the “Split” Command. Unlike the “Split” Command, “Intersect” can also leave adjacent bodies separated(unmerged) by turning off the “Merge results” option.

This example shows five added Planes and the Front Plane going through the Center Axis, each rotated by 30 degrees used to cut the part into twelve pieces. Six pieces were kept with some touching the adjacent ones, but not being joined together (merged) like the “Split” command would do. The “Intersect” command can use not only Solid Bodies and Planes but also Surface Bodies and all at the same time to combine and remove geometry saving users several intermediate steps.

Complexity: Basic
Features used: Cutting Plane, Intersect, and Base Extrude

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