W16 Engine in SolidWorks

W16 Engine in SolidWorks

Solidworks W16 Engine

This is a model of the W16 Turbo engine used in the world’s fastest production car. I modeled it as a final project for the Introduction to CAD class. During the next few weeks I will walk you through the build, post the files and explain some of the math behind it. This post will cover the modeling of the basic piston:

W16 vr6 piston solidworks
Download Piston

Here is the link to the document that I used as a reference.

“The W Engine Concept – Self Study Program” VW of America, 2002, available here

See detailed explanation in the extended entry at the end of the post.

Thank you for reading about this build and stay tuned for the next post which will include the Conrod and the Piston-Rod-Rings Assembly.


George Bucsan

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Aerospace Engineering, 2014

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