Apps for Kids at Home: Teach Remotely with Free Classroom Curriculum

With so many kids at home learning remotely, educators need tools that will help keep their students’ attention and engage their creativity. Apps for Kids Classroom is what they’re searching for. Classroom is a free interface specifically designed for educators to have self-contained workshops in an easy to use environment. Utilizing the Apps for Kids  collection of apps educators are able to  teach kids ages 4-14 about design and engineering workflows, Apps for Kids Classroom makes teaching, organizing, and learning easy and fun.

To help ease educators into the new interface, Apps for Kids Classroom comes with free educator resources and lesson plans designed for different age groups. There are over a dozen pre-written lesson plans available for download that include sample 3D models to start educators and students off right.

Topics range from creating 3D models of robotic drones to designing habitats for humans living on other planets to learning about animals by modeling their habitats, and much more. There are also Quickstart Lessons, based on classes 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Industry Process Senior Consultant Michael Steeves uses when teaching afterschool enrichment classes at his daughter’s elementary school.

Apps for Kids Scale Tool

The following curriculum are translated into English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish, with Japanese translations coming soon.

  •         Animal Habitats: Develop and refine animal designers based on characteristics of their habitats
  •         Creating a New Dolphin Tail: Create 3D models of new prosthetic devices
  •         Designing New Foods: Design your own new food
  •         Living in Space: Design and create 3D models of human habitats in space
  •         Mechanical Models: Create an animated model of an internal combustion engine
  •         New Jewelry Design: Create 3D models of new jewelry

Along with our collection of tutorial videos, the Apps for Kids Classroom lesson plans set up educators and students for success. Teachers can learn more about Classroom and sign up here. SOLIDWORKS is always looking for ways to support educators around the world at all grade levels. Check out Classroom and the resources provided today!

Sara Zuckerman

Sara Zuckerman

Sara Zuckerman is a Content Marketing Specialist in Brand Offer Marketing for SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS.