Creating a 3D Electrical Component

 Tutorial for SolidWorks Electrical Education Edition Academic Year 2013-2014

Both the symbol and 3D component of this Nixie tube were created in SolidWorks Electrical 2D and 3D
Nixie Tube Symbol

     There are a lot of manufacturers with components already available in the SolidWorks Electrical Library. However, if you cannot find what you need or you make your own component and need to use it in SolidWorks Electrical, the video below will show you how. A Nixie tube was created in regular SolidWorks, a manufacturer was added to the library, and then the Nixie tube was made into an electrical component using the Electrical Component Wizard.

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A Nixie tube clock made with SolidWorks
Nixie Tube Clock


The next blog post will explain how to create a 3D assembly with multiple electrical components.