Rose – Hulman Wins ASME Human Powered Vehicle Competition East & West

 Crystal Hurtle riding at East Coast  

For the 2013 ASME Human Powered Vehicle (HPVC) competition, Rose-Hulman’s (RH) team created,  “Celeritas”.  Celeritas, meaning swiftness or speed, lived up to its name.  RH captured the first place title in the HPVC East and HPVC West events, with the highest combined score in design, analysis,  testing, safety, and aesthetics.


Designing a streamliner style recumbent bicycle with a carbon fiber composite aerodynamic shell, the RH team built upon knowledge gained over the past 6 years to create an entirely new vehicle from the ground up.  RH designed their telescoping, electronic landing gear to ensure accurate braking at course stop signs and minimize disruption.


Team captain, Ben Griffith, shared how freshmen, with no CAD experience,  learn SolidWorks. They analyze imported curve data in SolidWorks and perform flow analysis with SolidWorks Flow Simulation to optimize an aerodynamic design. 

2013 Mold Right

RH designs tool paths in CAMWorks and then uses a large CNC router to create the female mold for each half of the vehicle designed in SolidWorks.

Entire Team at West Coast

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More information on the HPVC team can be found at  Marie

Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

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